Manufacturers' Representative Testimonials

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Promotional Products Testimonials

The process was good from start to finish.  No issues at all, received a quote in a timely manner, received the merchandise when I was told it would arrive. Good service, thank you!

Debbie Sundt
Suite Services Manager, Palace Sports & Entertainment

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Custom Decorating Testimonials

BCN has been a customer of MacKellar for 6 years and they have always been responsive and friendly. Pricing is always right where it needs to be – this is especially helpful when budgets are cut. Turnaround time is phenomenal – once we ordered silk screened shirts and had them delivered in less than 3 days.

Blue Care Network of Michigan

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The Blanket Lady Testimonials

Hello Blanket Lady, I cannot tell you how excited I am to discover you are still creating these amazing keepsake blankets. I ordered my first blanket from you 27 years ago for my son after receiving your business card from a friend who had purchased a blanket for her daughter. I ordered my second blanket 2 years later for my daughter. Fast forward 25 years. Adrienne is expecting my first Grandchild. I am so thrilled to have found you! I am hoping to be able to order a blanket for each of my future Grandchildren!

Pepper T.

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